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Emotionally W.E.A.L.T.H.Y Blueprint 

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When I started my journey to raise awareness in a more proactive approach to Emotional Wealth opposed to the reactivity we see to Mental Health, I knew I wanted to give others the journey and growth that we are denied in life, that which if we knew we would have a much better chance of combatting Mental Health.  We live in a society where this will not go away, so we have to find a way and educate ourselves and our children.

I had suffered at the hands of Mental Ill health for years and also been on Mental Health First Aid training and a Mental Health Psychology Masters.  I have read all the self help books available, reviewed all the recent research and experienced a life of Mental Ill health personally for the past 30 years.


So I developed the Emotionally W.E.A.L.T.H.Y Blueprint  

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Why Emotional Wealth & not Mental Health 


Educating on Emotions


Attention to Beliefs & Values


Life's Basic Emotional Needs


Thinking makes it so


Happiness - it's there for the taking 


Your mind & brain.  Your greatest asset & your own worst enemy