Live a life on your terms

Only through taking conscious responsibility for our lives will we start to grow and move forward. Through discovering our beliefs we can learn to challenge them and create more conscious choices. Our problems are life offering us opportunities to grow with flexibility of thought and action. By not feeling good enough or telling ourselves stories in our mind, we are only holding ourselves back.

To live a more rational life and our terms there are a number of factors which we need to address.

The ability to think for ourself.

We are all too influenced by outside sources in the world that we live in today, but how many of us filter this or let it unconsciously absorb into our lives. If we want to grow and live a forward thinking, flexible and rational life then we have to be able to think for ourselves consciously. We must identify different perspectives and views and respect these to widen our minds.

Tolerance through humility.

In life we need to remain humble, accept we are fallible and not perfect, but human. This means we are not always right. Learning tolerance for others and learning acceptance.

When in life did we stop trying when we reached a block or an obstacle. When did we think we were so perfect that we did not have to try anymore? When we learnt how to walk or to ride a bike our effort to improve and succeed was continuous.

Help others with their perspectives and truth, but accept that they don't have to accept your view or become frustrated if they don't. Others may be able to teach you more than you currently think or allow.

Self reflection and Growth.

How many times do you look in the mirror and reflect on your core self, who you really are with your actions, beliefs and behaviours? Growth is key to us.

That which does not grow -dies

Continue to learn about who you are, with all your problems and issues. Reflect with truth and honesty about what is not perfect, but remember this is not a journey or goal to be achieved, it is life long. See the real points about you, not how you want them to be and remember that mental health will make us reflect purely on the negative. Rather than an unconscious reaction, make a conscious choice to see and grow the positive.

Self Acceptance and Love

Be unconditional about accepting who you are, your core identity and worth. Focus on the greater purpose in your life and less on the short term enjoyment choices or pleasure. Release instant gratification and remember that in life anything worth it takes time, effort and sustainability. Accept and love yourself.

Flexibility of thought and Action

Do your routines keep you from growth in life? Do you live on autopilot and unconscious reaction? These routines may be keeping you in a rut. Instead have flexibility of thought and action.

Your problems are life offering you an opportunity to grow.

Have resilience, persistence and forward momentum.

Accept Uncertainty

We all have a need for variety and change, allow it and accept it. A small amount of uncertainty is good to create. Get off the mental comfort couch and step outside your comfort zone.

Find gratitude

See the smaller things.

We are unable to feel anxiety, depression or stress when we are feeling gratitude as the human brain will not allow it.

Be grateful for waking up, some people aren't. Some people are grieving those that didn't. release the perpetual negative view. We only compare ourselves to those that are doing well, never those less fortunate.

Make contribution

Find interest, feel a sense of wellbeing from the feeling you get from contributing and so not feel selfish at pursuing this.

Offer something greater, you have something great to offer.

Be a role model

Be the person that you want the world to be, others may not follow you.

Be what you want of others


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