Introducing the new Emotionally WEALTHY Blueprint

There is no doubt that these challenging times are having a huge effect on our Mental Health and Emotional Wellbeing. Add to that the change of season, the demise of the sunlight and the darker evenings and chill in the air. As human's we naturally begin to struggle with our thoughts and emotions.

The fact is that we all need educating on this as no curriculum teaches us these things in life. Wellbeing is conscious directed, an evolving process that allows us to reach our true potential in life. It is our process to becoming aware, to making choices that bring us successful existence psychologically and emotionally. To change our lives we have to understand our psychological makeup.

Life is 10% what happens to us & 90% of how respond to it

We need to understand that we are our own problem, but can also be our own solution. The time is now, we need to forget all our failed attempts, learn a new blueprint and start to put into practice a new way of thinking. We will be living in this new way of being for some time and as such we need to be mentally and emotionally resilient to successfully move through.

Learning what makes us tick and what makes us fall apart is a responsibility that we have to ourselves. Carl Jung once said;

The greatest affliction affecting mankind isn't serious mental illness, but general uneasiness and happiness that is so prevalent in our society

This was hundreds of years ago, so goodness knows that he would say in relation to the world that we find ourselves in today. Our thinking happens so naturally that just like breathing, we do it so naturally we don't think about it. Yet it has the power to control our happiness. Whatever you claim mentally and feel to be true, the subconscious will accept and bring forth to experience. The nature of our thoughts, therefore is determined by the nature of the thoughts we hold in our conscious minds. With all thought we have a choice and all of our emotions are a result of thought. We never loose our mental health, but we cover it up with negative, habitual and insecure thinking, which we learn to take seriously and as reality without ever questioning.

Our experiences of life will be directly related to where we choose to focus our attention. So, can we afford to stumble our way through life, hoping for happiness and chasing our 'what ifs' and 'whens' that we think will bring us happiness? Educating and allowing ourselves to become more WEALTHY emotionally will allow for a more proactive approach to bettering ourselves to thrive.

Who were you before the world told you what to be, without you even questioning its validity? It's time to take greater control.

The Emotionally WEALTHY Blueprint has been compiled to offer a step by step process to a greater, more conscious and rational wellbeing.

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Sarah Bailey MSc (Mental Health Psychology)