As you start to walk along the way, the way appears

In the life that we lead in todays' world it is easy to become lost along the way. It's easy to become a human doing and less of a human being. I liken it to the famous German word 'Schilderwald', meaning a street with so many road signs that you become lost. This is modernity.

The important thing to remember is that we can have better Emotional Wealth and be more proactive to our Mental Health as the mind is capable of conscious change. The issue is that we have never known to challenge this limiting and rigid ways of thinking. New habits of thinking require effort and most of all the desire to change. The Neuron's of the mind have to spark into life and create pathways as familiar as the old ones. For example if you walk through a field of corn once, there may be a few heads of corn bent and not much else. If however, you walked the same route 10-15 times you would start to create a path, walk it 100 times and you see a path created. The brain is the same, and it's a lot easier for the brain to stick to a path it knows that to create a new one. Over the years the brain has developed many bad habits, behaviours and formed unfavourable pathways.

It is only through consciousness that we can become more aware of ourselves and the world. The ability to recognise we are thinking, thinking about what we are thinking and knowing why we are thinking it. Add to the that the ability to have the conscious choice to stop thinking it if it does not serve us. Changing the way we think and how we navigate our thoughts to overcome them is the key to stop the thinking that keeps us stuck in life and limits our Emotional Wealth.

Nurturing Emotional Wealth is key to improving and become more proactive to our Mental Health in the difficult times that we find ourselves living in today. As a Masters in Mental Health Psychology Graduate, I have also become a Practitioner in Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT), Rational Emotional Behaviour Therapy (REBT), Personal Transformation Breakthrough Therapy, Emotional Intelligence, Strategic Life and Life Purpose Practitioner. As a Mother, Mental Ill Health sufferer, Divorcee and Successful Career person, I can support others to improve their Emotional Wealth in life and move forward to combat their limiting beliefs and obstacles.

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