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To a new perspective on the way we look at and deal with Mental Ill Health

Nurturing Emotional Wealth is a Relatable, Empowering, Informative, Supportive and Inspirational community to promote Emotional Wealth and become more proactive to our wellbeing than the reactive stance of Mental ill health. 

So many of us have reached challenging times in our lives, felt lost and unable to put up our hands for help.
Emotional Wealth is not the quick fix plaster that we see so many trying to cover the wound of mental ill health with, but a transformation of health from the core. A proactive collection of skills to move forward with and lead your life not just living it.  It’s not reacting to and acknowledging Mental Health but understanding ourselves and our minds using proven facts to enable us to do what we love, be who we are and live with what brings us joy.  Every moment filled with doubt, anxiety or pressure can be used as a catalyst for a fresh start.

When I started my journey to raise awareness in a more proactive approach to Emotional Wealth opposed to the reactivity we see to Mental Health, I knew I wanted to give others the journey and growth that we are denied in life, that which if we knew we would have a much better chance of combatting Mental Health.  We live in a society where this will not go away, so we have to find a way and educate ourselves and our children.

I had suffered at the hands of Mental Ill health for years and also been on Mental Health First Aid training and a Mental Health Psychology Masters.  I have read all the self help books available, reviewed all the recent research and experienced a life of Mental Ill health personally for the past 30 years.


So I developed the Emotionally W.E.A.L.T.H.Y Blueprint & have begun the campaign to educate our children better in the workings of the brain, the understanding of emotions and a great self awareness of how we can proactively work against Mental Ill health.

Our road to emotional wealth begins here, to become the best version of ourselves, through education, support and professional guidance


Campaigning for greater proactive Emotional Wealth content in the UK Curriculum

We teach our children to tie their laces and ride their bikes.  School teaches them about the external world, but we neglect to really give them a proactive emotional wealth by giving them the understanding of the way our brain works and the ability to manage their emotions effectively. 

If you are keen to see this happen and would like to support it please do click on the image to take you though to the petition. 

If you would like to be involved further with this then please do email me. 



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